Based in Northumberland and with a passion for
local food, this mobile kitchen is the centre piece
of many of the country's outdoor events.
With innovative and bespoke menus which can be
tailored to any event or budget and a stubborn refusal
to compromise on taste or traceability.

Our Promises:

  • To produce and provide delicious and innovative food using the finest produce the region of Northumbria has to offer.
  • To give preference to produce, in every instance, from within the region of Northumbria.
  • To only ever use fully traceable, locally sourced meat from farms with only the highest standards of animal husbandry and welfare.
  • To act responsibly and with integrity in every thing we do, with care and consideration given to the environment and the need for sustainability.
  • To support the rural community and those involved in it by providing an outlet for their produce.
  • To provide exemplary customer service to everyone we meet.
  • To adhere at all times to legal requirements and disciplines regarding food safety, trading standards and employment rights.
  • To support traditional craftsmen, such as butchers, stalkers and shepherds, helping to keep these vital skills alive.